AI Governance (Oct 2023)

AI Governance Career Goal Tracker

By Bengusu Ozcan (Published on February 12, 2023)

Here is a personal workspace template that can help you identify and navigate through your AI Governance career plans! 

This template is based on Notion. If you haven’t used it yet - Notion is a free tool which I personally find helpful to manage my notes and track my goals. I used Notion’s default templates extensively while creating this, modifying them for the purposes of this exercise.

This work space will include the following pages:

  1. Career Goals: 
    1. A list of self-reflection questions to identify your career plans (Plan A, Plan B…). Partially based on BlueDot Impact’s suggested questions but significantly modified.
    2. Sections for each Plan where you can build detailed plans and add notes.
  2. To-do:
    1. A list where you can add tasks.
    2. The default task template here will help you connect each task to a goal and add a priority to easily filter the immediate ones you should work on.
    3. You can create a calendar view of your tasks. I personally use Google Calendar and add my Notion tasks there manually.
  3. Notes: A wiki where you can keep career-relevant notes such as 1-1 meetings or conferences.
  4. Upskilling: 
    1. A wiki where you can add and track your upskilling resources if you’ll continue to do so for any of your career plans. 
    2. Similar to Notes, tag content here with a certain career plan and add priority.
  5. Review: This is the most free flow template for you to customize as you wish. This is just here to remind you that you should schedule periodic reviews to assess where you’re with your career goals and update if needed. It might be helpful to go through the Career Goal self-reflection questions, archive some content and update as needed.


Here are the steps to create a copy of this workspace:

  1. Create a Notion account. This will start your personal workspace which contains pages. It’ll come with default pages which you can keep / delete as you wish.
  2. You can not share an entire workspace on Notion, but you can share the pages inside a workspace. Click on each of the links below. Click on “Duplicate” on the top right corner. The page should be added to your Notion workspace now.
    1. Career Goals
    2. To-do
    3. Notes
    4. Upskilling
    5. Review

Hope this helps you!

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