Data Sharing Policy

We are approached by a number of employers and community organisers who like to know who is participating in the AGI Safety Fundamentals course, and who has signed up to our newsletter, for recruitment purposes.

We need your permission to share aspects of your application data directly with such 3rd parties. We expect this to lead to exciting opportunities for jobs and meetups and encourage you to give permission, for this reason! The parties we would like to share your data with are:

  • Offering further development opportunities

  • Recruiting people to do excellent, direct work on the problem

  • Coordinating the alignment space

Your data will only be used by these parties to make positive inferences against your application, rather than rule people out of anything.

No transfer of funds will ever be involved in the sharing of your data – we do this only we believe there is an opportunity that directly aligns with our goals of reducing risk from advanced AI. If you do not return this form, we will (continue to) not share any of your data with any 3rd parties.

We will not share any sensitive data you disclosed to us, such as our diversity tracking information.

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